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Main Features:

1. Click on any part of a political entity at any date

A popup will show the name of the political entity selected. You may click on the label inside the popup. Specific information will be displayed based on country and date selected

2. Relative surface and coast-perimeter

Percentage of the surface of the political entity selected, compared to the total area of political entities considered, and coast-perimeter relationship at a scale of 1: 5000000

3. Total surface of the country, biggest country and other territories

Approximate surface of the political entity selected for the selected date, surface of the biggest country at that time, surface occupied by that country, surface of that country occupied by others, surface of other territories. All surfaces are displayed in km2 and sq mi. Examples:

4. Border change reason

When a border change happens, click on that area and reasons for specific border changes related to the country at that year will be shown. Although a large number of resources have been consulted, at least one close link to digital encyclopedias will be available

5. Political Context

Political Context for political entity and date selected. It can be specific for the country and date selected, a close primary political entity or, at least, a general timeline

6. Historical context

Historical context for selected date: Art, Philosophy, Literature, Science, Religion and More events. Examples:



ART 2498 BC



7. Digital encyclopedia articles

GeaCron periods of history, links to digital encyclopedia articles for the country and date selected and digital encyclopedia articles for the date selected

8. Major periods of the History of Mankind include GeaCron Timelines

Available Menu that includes major periods of the History of Mankind including GeaCron Timelines

Other Features:

9. No publicity

GeaCron will not show adds for Premium Members

10. List of primary sources

GeaCron will show a list of primary sources consulted

11. Timelines

Tmelines will always be available for Premium Members